Maltitol crystal/powder/P200/P35

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Natural and healthy sugar alcohol—maltitol

With high sweetness, low calories and good safety, maltitol is a natural and safe functional food ingredient.

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Improve food properties
Natural sweetness: The sweetness of maltitol is 80%-90% of sucrose, with good taste and Non Irritant.

Don’t make Maillard reaction: Maltitol has sugar free glycosyl that can’t cause Maillard browning reaction when heated with amino acids or proteins.

Extend the shelf life of food: Maltitol is difficult to ferment, so it can extend the shelf life of food.

Meet functional requirements:

Anti-Caries: It cannot be converted into acid by oral bacteria so doesn’t cause dental caries.

Low calories and don't raise blood glucose : With low absorption and no stimulation for insulin, it doesn’t have any effect on blood glucose so is an ideal sweetener for diabetic and obese people.

Promote calcium absorption: it promotes to absorb bone mineral.


No. Specfication Mean Particle size
1 Maltitol C 20-80mesh
2 Maltitol C300 Pass 80 mesh
3 Maltitol CM50 200-400 mesh

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What’s the product application ?

Maltitol Application

Candy: Maltitol can be used in high-quality candy based on good properties including moisture retention, anti-crystallization, absorption and retention for flavor and no Maillard reaction.

Drinks: Maltitol can directly replace sucrose and its compound with other sugar alcohols can be applied to drinks, to improve the taste and stability, reduce calories, and prevent dental caries.

Desserts: Maltitol can keep biscuits and breads softer taste and better flavor than that of sucrose.


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